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Friday, 14 November 2014

Ice & Salt Experiment - Magic Fruit Slush Without Blender 冰和盐试验 - 神奇果汁冰沙,无需搅拌机

Happy Holiday to all the school children! :) 

Today is the last day of school before the term 4 school holiday. We did our first food related school holiday program at home today. Well, actually our school holiday program started yesterday, we made DIY paper plate crown but that was not food related, so it's not posted here.

I watched a youtube video recently. It was about how to make slush with salt and ice. It's quite interesting as you don't need to use a blender to make slush and at the same time, I can teach my boy some science knowledge. It was an unplanned ad hoc activity today because I bought him a vegetable juice from Daiso, some kind of carrot and tomato juice that he didn't like. So I decided to use it to do this experiment. Quite fun and he enjoyed it, but not the slush...he really didn't like the taste of it. Lol...

What you need:
1 Large Ziplock Bag
1 Small Ziplock Bag
Lots of Ice Cubes
Some Salt
Some Fruit Juice

And you need someone to SHAKE IT! SHAKE IT! SHAKE IT! SHAKE IT! like this....


Put lots of ice cubes into the large ziplock bag. Sprinkle generous amount of salt. 

Pour fruit juice into a small ziplock bag. 

Remove trapped air and seal.

Put the small ziplock bag into the large ziplock bag.

Seal the large ziplock bag and shake it! shake it! shake it!

When the juice become icy, it's ready.

Unseal the large ziplock bag. Remove the small ziplock bag, use a kitchen towel to wipe off the salt and water. 

Unseal the small ziplock bag and scoop out the slush.

And it's ready to eat! Our experiment is successful, but I think it's better to SHAKE IT longer.

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