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Thursday, 27 November 2014

Christmas Theme Sail Boat Jelly 圣诞帆船果冻

Not sharing recipe, just sharing something that we've done and it's fun. Another dessert made by my 5 year old. Just the jelly, NOT the orange sail boat lol.... It's really not easy to dig the flesh out from the oranges. This is not my idea, it's one of the CBeebies 'I Can Cook' show foodie. My boy watched it and again wrote down the recipe... This time, his 'recipe' is clearer compared to the Carrot & Pumpkin Cookie recipe. Can you read this?

1. You need oranges and grapes
2. Cut grape into half
3. Put grapes into orange sail boat
4. Need to prepare a JUG with water (he draw the jug)
5. Need some Gelatin
6. Mix gelatin with water
7. Pour into the orange sail boat
8. He forgot what he draw.
9. Put the orange sail boat in muffin pan and get a grown up to keep it in the fridge!
10. Make and put the mast.
Frankly, I can't read this....he explained to me and I wrote it down here as a piece of memory that is PRECIOUS to me and my boy :)

Ingredients: (Yield 2), recipe adapted from CBeebies website

6 seedless Grapes
1 Orange, cut in half, flesh removed, skin shell reserved 
50ml Warm Water
1 tsp Gelatin
100 ml Orange Juice (I used apple juice)

Cut grape into half

Put the grapes in the orange shell

Add gelatin in warm water

Stir until the gelatin fully dissolved.


Mix gelatin mixture with fruit juice. Pour evenly into both orange shells.


Keep in a container and store in the fridge until it set. I leave it overnight in the fridge.
7. Decorate as desired.... My boy did his cute version Jolly Roger lol... The christmas tree done by me, I just stick everything that he cut out from his Jolly Roger on my christmas tree... :) Simple and fun activity with kid. 

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