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Friday, 19 September 2014

Cinnamon & Demerara Sugar Butter Bun, apple-shape

Apple Shape Bun with Cinnamon & Demerara Sugar Topping

This weekend, I have some visitors from Malaysia, my mother in law and some aunties visiting us. It's friday today, it's my baking day. I used to make cute animal buns for my boy's weekend breakfast but this week I decided not to make cute bun. Be more serious this round! I want to make some 'traditional' bun, not too kiddy one. So I made this apple shape bun. 

Everything goes well when I shaped the dough...hmmm, actually this is very easy to shape even with my injured finger (I wore glove to shape the dough today). I made 2 flavors today, the original Butter Soft Bun and Butter Soft Bun with cinnamon & Demerara sugar topping. 

But things went terribly wrong after I changed the baking mode at the end of baking, the last 5 minutes. I forgot to lower the temperature and ended up with dark brown surface. :(  Actually the taste of the bread is totally fine, just the top were over baked (to my standard, I like light brown bread). 

But my boy was so happy when he sees the buns..keep saying 'Mommy apples, these are apples'. I'm so happy that he didn't call these ROTTEN APPLES. hahaha...

Topping Recipes:
Cinnamon Sugar
Demerara Sugar

1. Follow Butter Soft Bun recipe . After egg wash, sprinkle some cinnamon sugar and Demerara sugar on top. This gives a great flavor to the bun. :)

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