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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

The Lion King Pork Floss Bun

I laughed every time I saw these pictures of the animal bun. Well, I'm not that creative... just came across some cute animal buns made by other food bloggers and I thought my boy would love it, so I made for my boy. 

I made this at night after my boy when to bed because I'm not good in handling bread dough. So I need full concentration when doing this. To shape the dough wasn't as easy as decorate cakes with fondant. Bread dough change it's shapes a little after final proofing and I shaped it before the final proofing...that's the challenge!

My hubby popped by the kitchen, he laughed when he saw this....

I knew that he's going to tease me this time.... and YES, he did....I can't reveal his comments here as I do not want my boy to know it.... naughty daddy...

I made 2 animals... my boy's favorite hippopotamus and lion. Hippopotamus with my dad's homemade kaya filling and lion bun with pork floss. Guess which one my boy likes the most? By animal, he likes hippopotamus, but he likes to eat the lion bun more because he likes bread with pork floss. I made this with Soft Breakfast Bun recipe, the fragrant and soft buns. 

We both love this bun, 8 buns never too much for both of us.

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