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Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Raspberry Yoghurt Popsicle

Whenever I bought sour fruits that my boy refused to eat, I'd think of ways to make him eat it. I never like to waste food. I bought some raspberries last weekend, hmm... not really sour, just not very sweet but no one wants to eat. So I thought of making something PINK and WHITE that my boy may like....YES, he ate it today, he likes it! because he likes PINK. :)


Important Notes:

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150g Fresh Raspberries
140g Plain Non-Fat Yoghurt
4 tbsp Runny Honey (or add to taste)

1. In a food processor, blend the raspberries with half of the yoghurt. 

2. Strain the raspberry puree, discard the seeds.

3. Add honey into the raspberry puree and yoghurt.
4. Pour the pink mixture into popsicle mould. Stop when it's half full.
5. Pour 2tbsp of the white mixture into each popsicle mould. 
6. Pour the remaining pink mixture to fill up the popsicle mould.
7. Use a chopstick to gently push down the mixture. Do this step once or twice only.
8. Cover and freeze overnight.

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