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Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Honey Lemongrass Drink 蜂蜜香茅柠檬饮, 清热润喉 a healthy refreshing drink that helps to relieve sore throat

The only 'disease' that would bother me always is sore throat. Since last night my throat wasn't feel good. This morning was bad. I was lucky as I managed to get some very fresh organic lemongrass from the hypermarket nearby my condo. I made this with 7 stalks of lemongrass only as I thought my boy may not like it because I added some lemon slices. To my surprise, he likes it and he told me mosquitoes will not bite him anymore! **because lemongrass repel mosquitoes** :) 
I'm happy that he likes it as this is not only helps to relieve sore throat, it's actually a healthy refreshing drinks on a hot day like this. 

Updated 2 January 2015
I had been making this as a 'weekly refreshing drink'. I add about 5-6 small rock sugar while boiling the lemongrass. When the drink is completely cooled, I add some honey to taste. 

Photo updated 2 January 2015

1000ml Water
7-8 stalks Fresh Lemongrass 
Runny Honey (add to taste)
4 slices Lemon

1. Wash, peel and smash the lemongrass.

2. Place lemongrass in a cooking pot and add in water. Bring to boil.

3. Cover and simmer for 25 minutes. Add rock sugar if using. Remove from heat. Pour into a jug. Let it cool. (I speed up the process by placing the jug in ice water.)

4. Add lemon slices while it's still warm. 
5. When it's completely cooled, add honey to taste. Serve chilled. 

This is how it looks like before adding honey. 

After added some honey, the color is darker.
I used pure honey that's really good for sore throat.

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