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Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Dingoozat Omelette (Breakfast & Lunch Omelette)

Pic 1 Dingoozat Lunch Omelette

Pic. 2 Dingoozat Breakfast Omelette

Yesterday morning, I was too lazy to make breakfast, so I made this simple omelette (pic. 2) for breakfast. In less than 10 minutes (preparation + cooking time) breakfast was served. And this morning, he woke up late at 10+ and he told me he want to eat omelette again for early lunch. first thought was not to cook the same omelette because I prefer to add fresh meat and vegetables in his meal. So I dug my fridge to look for some fresh ingredients and made this 'more nutritious' omelette for him (pic. 1). Yup, we both like it!     

The fillings used for lunch omelette:

Organic Baby Spinach 
Fresh Chicken Breast
Champagne Ham
Swiss Brown Mushroom

Well, those were what I had in my fridge, it can be replaced with anything.
Saute all ingredients. Then follow the same steps as in Pic. 2. Fold up and serve warm. 

Do you want to know why this is called Dingoozat Omelette?'ll never know... cheers!

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